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Indoor Plants and the Added Benefits to the Home

Indoor plants first became popular in the 1970’s and like all great trends, were sure to come full circle and make a comeback. Whilst they have remained somewhat popular since then, only within the last 6 years have indoor plants resurfaced into a full blown trend. According to the 2020 Plant Life Balance report, over the past 12 months approximately two in five Australians have bought a house plant – that’s a lot of people. Not only do they look fantastic and add an earthy touch to a home, but they also hold many significant benefits. Let’s discuss a few of them.


Besides the aesthetic factor, the second most popular reason why people have indoor plants is due to their calming factor. A plant’s green pop of colour is a pleasant look for a home and is associated with nature and positivity. There is nothing more grounding than the great outdoors and plants showcase a little piece of this in our homes. Some plants actually have distinct scents that provide calming benefits to one’s mental health. In addition to all this, some plants even have certain chemicals that help reduce stress levels – who doesn’t love a natural remedy? According to the 2020 Plant Life Balance report, they discovered that five or more plants in a room lead people to feeling overall healthier and happier. The positive effects of indoor plants can’t be ignored. It’s just science people.

Best indoor plants for mental health: Lavender, jasmine, and aloe vera plants


Reducing stress is often coupled with increased productivity. Less stress, means your brain has more capacity to focus on more necessary tasks e.g. when you’re at work. Therefore if your office doesn’t have any plants, it’s time to change that. In fact, in a study conducted in a UK office, it was found that employee productivity increased by 15% after indoor plants were introduced in the workplace. What’s better? Indoor plants look great and can add to your workplace’s decor, or at the very least just your own workspace.

Best indoor plants for productivity: Peace lily, philodendron, and lemon balm.


Plants have the ability to convert carbon-dioxide into oxygen, this is assuming you’re buying real plants and not artificial ones, that is. This oxygen is then distributed back into the air for you to breathe in. By having indoor plants, this increases oxygen levels in your home and consequently will provide you with better quality air.

According to the 2020 Plant Life Balance report, they discovered that simply adding one medium-sized plant to a medium-sized room improves air quality by up to 25 per cent. Isn’t nature just incredible?


Having better quality air to breathe boosts immunity. Why you may ask? Well breathing in better quality air will minimise the risk of you inhaling air-borne particles that can cause sickness. Further to this, indoor plants also add a calming nature to spaces. By indoor plants helping you feel more calm and relaxed, this also helps contribute to a stronger immune system that has the strength to fight off any nasty virus that may present itself.

Best indoor plants for your immune system: Aloe vera plants, chrysanthemums, and the classic mother-in-laws tongue.

Some additional benefits of indoor plants include:

  • Can act as an air purifier by removing pollen, dust, mould and other air pollution from the air, which is also beneficial for those with allergies
  • Can encourage better sleep by providing a calming environment
  • Can act as a natural humidifier
  • Can provide ready to use ingredients (e.g. basil, lavender, thyme, curry leaves, etc)
  • Fragrance/ natural perfume for your home

Other popular indoor house plants:

So there you have it, the undeniable benefits of houseplants as well as some suggestions on which plants work best. The benefits of indoor plants reach far beyond just decor, some even provide healing benefits for your mind and body. Try them out for yourself and notice the differences, particularly in your mental health. Happy indoor plant shopping!

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