If your custom design qualifies for Lofty FastTrack, we’ll build your home in 12 weeks or we’ll pay you $150 each day we’re late!

We’ve all heard the horror stories of budgets and build times ballooning well beyond initial estimates, leaving budding home owners stressed and disillusioned.

At Lofty, we believe it shouldn’t be so hard which is why we developed a process to set new benchmarks in transparency and speed while still delivering superb quality.

We call it Lofty FastTrack, and as long as your home design meets our requirements we will guarantee a 12-week build for your new home.

Please note: build times may be impacted by material availability and the current construction industry climate. Speak to our friendly team for more information.

Do you qualify for Lofty FastTrack?

What type of home are you planning to build?

What will the total floor area of your home be?

Is your land flat?

Is your land located within 30km of the Adelaide CBD?

Using your answers, it looks like you could be eligible for the Lofty FastTrack Build Time Guarantee! Get in touch with us to make your next move.

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Using your answers, it looks like you are not eligible for Lofty FastTrack. At Lofty, we are renowned for our fast build times so don’t be disheartened, we will still get your home built fast, even if it is not a FastTrack build. Get in touch with us to make your next move.

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* Inclusions apply (upgrade items can be added but extra time may be required)
* The site must be flat (otherwise extra time may be required)

Any extra time for upgrade items and sloping or difficult sites will always be confirmed with you in advance.

So contact us today to secure your custom home faster than ever. Our friendly team can help you with all your Lofty FastTrack queries, including providing you with a comprehensive list of upgrade items.

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Lofty FastTrack FAQs

What is Lofty FastTrack?

Lofty FastTrack is a cutting-edge organised project process that allows us to build a new custom home in just 12 weeks as long as you meet our basic requirements.

To get started, simply contact us and our super team of home builders will help you start the journey so you can be on your way to owning a stylish new home in almost no time at all.

How fast is it?

We guarantee we’ll build your new custom home in 12 weeks.

The 12-week period starts after either the day of payment for the footings to be poured or seven (7) days after the footings are poured (whichever is later), and concludes at practical completion.

It is subject to public holidays and Christmas closures. It may also be impacted by Acts of God, inclement weather and client delays (such as a delayed payment or change of mind).

Is it true that you’ll pay me $150 each day you’re late?

Correct! We know how frustrating it is being oversold and underdelivered.

That’s not us.

We’re confident in our process and hope our promise to pay you if we’re late provides the peace of mind you need when commencing your new Lofty FastTrack build.

This only applies to working days and will be paid as a total lump sum at the time of practical completion, when it will be transferred into your nominated bank account.

It is subject to public holidays and Christmas closures. It may also be impacted by Acts of God, inclement weather and client delays (such as a delayed payment or change of mind).

How can you build it so quickly?

While some basic requirements apply, we’ve applied our years of experience to hone our process. We’ve perfected the fussy, small details that can slow a build down.

It’s a combination of expert scheduling and our use of fantastic, dedicated trades working better, smarter and faster—all without compromising quality.

Is the design customisable?

Absolutely. We’re a custom builder so we give you total flexibility—as long as your FastTrack design meets our basic requirements, we can build it.

What if I want to upgrade my inclusions?

If you want to upgrade some options in your custom build, you can certainly do so. Some upgrade items will increase your build time, however we will always make it absolutely clear when this is the case and provide you with a new completion date.

What materials do you use?

Good old bricks and mortar or modern Hebel—exactly like any other build.

How do I know you don’t compromise on the quality?

We never compromise on quality.

Lofty FastTrack homes are built with the same materials we use on all our builds, and the faster build time does not mean it’s rushed—rather, it’s a result of an organised, perfected process that allows us to get the job done quickly while still maintaining our high standards.

You’ll also benefit from our three-month free maintenance period as well as a 25-year structural guarantee.

Is it going to be more expensive?

Not at all. If anything, the shorter build time will be less stressful and more affordable—you can move in quicker and save money on rental costs, while building in general also saves on stamp duty when compared to established homes.

Whether you’re a first home builder or investor, Lofty FastTrack can help you finish your new custom home and reduce your debt sooner rather than later.

What’s not included?

‘Turnkey items’ and external works such as perimeter paving, driveways, landscaping and rainwater tanks are not included in the 12-week build time.

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