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Home Maintenance Jobs Your Home Needs for the Cooler Months

There is no doubt about it, every home requires regular maintenance. Some maintenance jobs are required constantly throughout the year whereas some are seasonal. This blog will focus specifically on home maintenance jobs your home needs completed during the cooler months (Autumn and Winter).

Leaf with Light#1 GOTTA GET GUTTERS

First up, the most common thing people think of when the cooler months arrive; cleaning the gutters. Once autumn has passed and winter sets in, depending on your home’s location, there may be leaves remaining. Ensuring you remove any remaining leaves is vital to upholding good gutter and roof health. This is important because if not cleaned, dried and dead leaf buildup can attract insects and rodents… it’s a no from us.

You may not be able to clean your gutters every week, but at least every 2-3 weeks during autumn, or more if your home is surrounded by trees prone to shedding leaves. You’ll want to make sure your gutters are in top shape ready for the winter rains, to manage the water flow properly. In terms of cleaning the gutters, you can complete this yourself or if your gutters are hard to reach then there are many local businesses out there who you can employ.

Further to this, cleaning out gutters is the perfect time to check over and inspect your roofing for any damage. Whether it be from rain, hail, wind or just wear and tear, it is important to inspect the state of your roof and look out for any holes, broken tiles and so on. This is particularly important to complete prior to winter fully setting in and before heavy rain arrives.


Another important maintenance job to complete as the cooler months approach is checking your doors and windows for any cracks or gaps. This is important all year round, but particularly during the cooler months to help keep the cold out AND keep any pesky pests out. This can be as simple as tightening and lubricating screws and hinges. In more serious cases, loose or damaged timber may need to be replaced.


The cooler months have less hours of sunlight compared to spring and summer. In saying this, it means we are more likely to be using artificial lighting more than ever during this time of year. A home maintenance job that can help save on your electricity bill during this time of year (and all year round) is installing sustainable lighting. There are many options on the market, however LED lights are the most affordable, long lasting and energy efficient lighting option, PLUS they contain no mercury.


When it rains, there needs to be a place for rainwater to effectively drain. Ensuring rainwater has a place to escape is crucial, to make certain there is no risk of your home flooding. Prior to winter getting into full swing,you’ll want to check your garden, paving and anything else surrounding your home to guarantee water drains away from your house instead of towards the walls.


This maintenance job won’t apply to all homes, so take heed accordingly. If you have significant foliage and trees surrounding your home, then there’s no better time to trim these than when the cooler months are approaching. Trimming back the branches away from your home is beneficial to assure there’s no chance of branches falling onto your home, car, etc and causing damage.


Once again, this maintenance job may not apply to all homes, but those who have one will be thanking me that I included it. If your home has a fireplace, then prior to using it during those cold winters, it should be thoroughly cleaned out. In addition to this, it’s wise to check chimneys and flues too. This is required so you can check for any cracks or holes where embers can escape and potentially cause a fire. In addition to this, old build-up and residue can cause blockages and in some cases even start a fire.

We get it… house maintenance jobs are not usually high on the priority list, but it’s just something that needs to be done. We hope this blog has inspired you to get on top of your house maintenance jobs that maybe you have been putting off. These jobs may not apply to everyone, but the ones we have listed are the most common. With these maintenance jobs, it will help keep your home in tip top condition AND be prepared to face the cooler months. If you ever feel unsure about your home’s maintenance then get in touch with an industry expert.

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