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Top tips to reduce the stress of moving into your new home

If you have ever moved houses, you know it can be a stressful time. With so much to consider and organise, all with the worry of a loan to pay back. This blog will dive into moving house and how the stress associated can be properly managed, which will be significantly better for you mentally, emotionally and financially.

Moving houses is commonly known for being a somewhat stressful experience, but why is this exciting time considered stressful to start with? It’s primarily just because there are a lot of moving parts to organise, even after a loan is approved and the settlement period is over, the job is just not quite done yet. Let’s explore some of these other factors.


Whilst your loan may be approved, the thought of having a mortgage to pay off can cause stress. Especially if you have other running expenses, like most do, such as school fees, car loans and general living expenses. Not just the prep work, but there are other costs involved with moving houses on the day including; hiring removalists, trucks/vans, packing materials (e.g. boxes).

One tip I can give you in the finance department is to live within your means and not stretch your budget too far when building a new home. Just because the bank approves you for an amount, doesn’t mean you should spend that amount. A more conservative and tactful approach will ensure you are not put under financial stress during the course of your loan.


Emotional strain brought upon by moving can certainly cause stress. Humans are creatures of habit and for a lot of us, significant change can bring a level of stress or anxiousness. A change of scenery, house, neighbours, neighbourhood and so on can take some time to adjust to and therefore can be draining emotionally.

For most people, this emotional imbalance will correct itself after a short period of time as you adjust to your new surroundings and routines. Try to keep in mind throughout the moving process that it is just a temporary feeling and you will definitely grow to love it. Remember why you decided to move there in the first place!


The best laid plans don’t always work out, even if you plan things perfectly. Whether it be a lamp that breaks during the move or your daughter losing her favourite dress. These types of nuisances can add to the stress of moving houses. These can happen from time to time and often can’t be avoided. Hiring professional movers may come with insurance for your items. Something to look into if you’re worried.


There’s no doubt about it, moving house is time consuming. Between packing up the house beforehand, moving on the day and then unpacking in the new home, it can be a lot. Spending so much of your time moving when you’ve got so many other things to do can be stressful. Even if you employ a removalist, quite often you will be the one unpacking boxes and finding a new spot for all your belongings.


Given these factors, the best way to manage the stress of moving is to prepare, prepare and prepare. Doing so will avoid any last minute scramble to get everything in order.

Some things you can prepare in advance include:

  • Packing away clothes and shoes that are not worn often
  • Pack items strategically so they will be easier to unpack after (e.g. kitchen items in one box, bathroom items in another)
  • Have a special box devoted to moving day full of things you will need up until moving day (e.g. toothbrush, water bottle, etc.)


  • Take time off work
  • Take care of your health (e.g. make sure you eat and drink sufficiently)
  • Begin packing well in advance
  • Be flexible and open to a change in your plans
  • If you can, have family and friends help out
  • BBudget for some unforeseen costs
  • Talk through the move with your children
  • Try to keep pets to a routine even during the move
  • Use the move as a time to donate, sell or recycle what you no longer need
  • Label packing boxes clearly
  • Make a list of any delivery services you have (e.g. the newspaper or other subscriptions) and update to your new address
  • Redirect your mail for anything you may have forgotten to update

So there you have it. Prepare what you can, stay organised, expect the unexpected and make the most of this sometimes stressful, yet exciting experience. Embrace the bumps in the road and realise that everything might not go exactly to plan. Control and plan what you can and let the rest fall into place itself.

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