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How to Add Personality to Your Home Without Diminishing Value

Wanting to add personality to your home but worried about how it will affect your home’s value? This blog will outline some simple yet effective ways to do exactly that. The secret to this strategy is to add things that are non-permanent such as furniture, art, rugs, plants, portable shelves with items and so on. This allows you to make the place your own while you live there and allows it to be changed when it’s time to sell. Not only is this more cost effective compared to any structural changes to your home, but it also allows you to easily change a home’s personality by changing these design elements over and over.


Furniture plays a big role in the personality of a home. As the most noticeable part of any room, changing up the style of furniture can change the home entirely. If you are finding that your home looks a bit cookie-cutter and doesn’t reflect what you’re all about, consider purchasing a piece that is unique in itself, or made from something unique. For example, using a chair as a bedside table, a stack of books as legs to a coffee table or finding some handmade furniture instead of flat packs. The possibilities are endless.

Our tip – Shop around! Don’t just stick to the big name retailers, you’ll find some fantastic and creative furniture pieces on Etsy, Gumtree, Amazon or even find a local boutique furniture store.


Art will no doubt add personality to a home. Now we’re not saying you must invest in Picasso’s or a Banksy, but there are plenty of affordable art work on the market (lots of it being local). Utilizing walls and doors as a blank canvas for art to be displayed is the best way to add personality to a home without taking up too much space. In addition to paintings, art reaches far beyond this. Think; hanging rugs, wall sculptures and so on. What’s better? The great thing about art is that it looks different to everyone, so go with what YOU like and you can’t go wrong. The ultimate aim is for your home to reflect who you are and what you love. In addition to classic art pieces, add individual personality to your home by displaying picture frames and family photographs to give a personal touch.


Not only can rugs assist in protecting flooring from day to day wear and tear, but they can also add artistic value and personality. Whether this be shaggy wool rugs, cotton, silk, animal hide or faux fur rugs, consider your home and what will show your personality through and through. Don’t be afraid to choose something that adds colour, patterns or texture to the overall look of the room.


Indoor plants are a hot trend at the moment and no one can deny that they look great. Not only do they look fantastic and add an earthy touch to a home, but they also hold many significant benefits including:

  • Increased oxygen levels
  • Bringing a calming factor
  • Can act as an air purifier
  • Provide fragrance/ natural perfume for your home
  • Can encourage better sleep by providing a calming environment

Some additional ways to add personality we couldn’t dive deeper into:

  • Make use of patterns
  • Invest in vintage furnishings
  • Utilise mirrors and alternative lighting options
  • Portable shelves with items showcased on them
  • Paint effects instead of painting one solid colour
  • Repurpose objects e.g. empty jar as a flower vase

We mentioned earlier the importance of personalising your home. This means when designing your home, design the rooms to match your personality and needs. For example, if your family tends to spend a lot of time outside, then have multiple doors leading to the backyard. Or perhaps if you want privacy between bedrooms, then place these on the other side of the house or upstairs and downstairs.

Designing your home according to your lifestyle both structurally and in terms of design will result in a happy home build and a more convenient life for you. This is perhaps the best way to inject personality into a home that is unique to you and you only. Try it out for yourself.

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