7 Best Tips for Organising your Home

When you’ve had a busy day at work, the last thing you want to do is organise your home. People would rather spend what little free time they have to do something enjoyable but having an organised home makes living life a lot easier. Arranging every room in the house will definitely take a lot of time. However, with everything in place you can maintain a neat home without spending a lot of time afterwards. With that said, here are the 7 best tips to get your home looking the best that it can be.

1. Purge everything

Time to channel your inner Marie Kondo and get rid of things that do not spark joy. If it does not have a purpose in your life, it’s better to chuck it in the bin, give it away or sell it; since it’s just taking up extra, unnecessary space.

These questions will help you decide: Do you remember using it recently? Does this item serve an actual purpose in your home? If this item is gone, will it make your life harder? If the answer to all those questions are ‘no’, it’s about time to dump the items in the trash; or at least donate or give them away to those who need them.

If you look at it this way: the more items you get rid of now, the more space you’ll have for items you actually want and need later. It’ll allow you to clean your home easier and/or maybe update your homewares.

2. Focus on one room at a time

Organising your home can feel a bit overwhelming especially when you really need it. Also, it may possibly end up with you giving up altogether if you attempt to organise more than one room at a time from the stress.

An easy process to go about this to make it easier is: firstly, having a look around the room and envision how you want it to be, then dividing the room into sections, start organising the biggest ‘mess’ first, and make use of empty boxes and bin bags while cleaning to hold items to be given away, sold or discarded. It’s going to take some time, but it will be worth it in the end.


3. Always clean your flat surfaces

We are all guilty of this: Flat surfaces accumulate junk. Whether it’s your bedroom vanity tables, kitchen counters, dining room tables, or anything else, we pile things on these surfaces quick. Sometimes we just don’t notice the papers, plates, envelopes that are stacked up thus making the space unorganised.

A good habit to have is to clean these flat surfaces at least once a day. It’s an easy way to get used to organising your home more frequently and avoiding it will make you regret later – especially when you have unexpected guests!

4. Place frequently used items within reach

How annoying is it when the things you use everyday are stored at the backend of a cabinet across the room. For instance, if you use your phone charger every night before you sleep, it should be within reaching distance. Maybe not in plain sight, because the wires could look messy, but it should be within your bedside table at a moment’s reach.

However, for things you don’t use as much, it’s better if you store it away to free up nearby spaces for items you frequently use. For example, you don’t need to have serving dishes and crystal glasses out in the open all the time – this increases the chance of breaking and damaging these expensive items. Instead, a separate closet or cabinet located at the other end of the room is a better option.

5. Group items with similar purposes

For rooms that have multiple items such as the kitchen and bathroom, this tip is perfect. For example, grouping similar items together like spices and cutlery will make things easier in the kitchen especially when you’re cooking. Whereas in the bathroom, grouping similar items like skincare, towels, toothbrushes, and toothpaste will make the room more organised and efficient.

A good way to do this is by using containers and labelling them. That way, instead of spending more time shuffling through your things, you can just grab a container and take what you need.

6. Incorporate organisers wherever you can

There are heaps of organisers that are available in the market right now. From storage boxes to dividers, these items truly help to keep things in place in your homes. A messy drawer dumped with random items can be easily remedied by using drawer dividers thus making it easier for you to find things. Organising through colour-coordinating and labeling your storage containers is also a great way to arrange and sort out your belongings.

7. Don’t rush the process

Rome wasn’t built in a day and it’s the same for organising your home. Yes, it’s going to take a bit of time, maybe even a few weekends to get everything done but that’s the best part! There’s no need to stress over by trying to get everything done right away. Instead, take your time to make sure that all of it will be done efficiently such as making a schedule that suits your everyday routine the best. If a room has too many areas that require sorting out, schedule different days for different sections to spread out the process. The important thing here is to remember that there’s no need to rush if you want to organise your home to make it look its best!

Our take is this; just convincing yourself to get started is the hardest part. Once you start, you might gather more motivation and it will be smooth sailing from then on. Here at Lofty, our team is ready to help you decide upon the best storage solutions that suit your day-to-day living. Get in touch HERE.

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